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Decorative Products:

Established in 2007, Wanerhon Huian Stone Factory is a place making stone construction materials such as balustrades, columns,doors, roof beams and windows, just minutes from Xiamen. We pride ourselves on the excellent customer service we provide and our warm, high quality and low price.

Balustrade System

Balustrade (46)

The typical balustrades consist of balusters, handrails and bottom rails.

Baluster (47)

Here you would sure to find your ideal baluster.

Newelpost (5)

A wide variety of newelports for you to choose.

Material( 10 / 41 )

Granite, Sandstone, Marble,...

White, Grey, Black, Yellow, Red...

Finish( 5 / 41 )

Polished, Honed, Bush-hammered, Flamed, Sandblasted...

Last update: Feb. 13th, 2009

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Column System

Solid Column in Roman Design (47)

with column, base and shaft

Hollow Column (46)

Column Base (18)

Column Shaft (20)

Other products

Door Frame & Window Surrounds (32)

Beam (3)

Fully-load bearing used in structural exterior applications


For exterior decoration

Other Wall Decorative Elements(8)

Exterior wall decorative sheets


Slabs (12)

Tiles (15)

Stairs (17)